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Global Coalition Side Event: Contribution of Occupational Safety and Health professionals and Occupational Health Services in a changing world of work
The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated on-going changes and has pointed out the risks associated with emerging disruptive situations, such as new pandemics and climate change effects. Ensuring continuity of businesses operations while protecting the safety and health of workers has provided evidence for the need to have agile and innovative responses to address existing and upcoming risks. In this challenging context, OSH professionals and occupational health services (OHS) have critical role to play by supporting and reinforcing the capacities of employers and workers to respond effectively to OSH risks and to anticipate new ones.

During this Side Event, representatives from the Global Coalition’ Task Groups will address the following questions through the lens of their current work and roles:

• What are the main challenges and opportunities faced by OSH professionals and OHS in the context of the on-going changes?
• What innovative strategies and solutions have been put in place by OSH professionals and OHS to address the current COVID-19 crises and what can we learnt from them?
• How global collaboration and partnership can support OSH professionals and OHS to find solutions for future challenges?


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