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ASEAN Green Jobs Policy Readiness Report Launch - APCW Side Event - Shared screen with speaker view
Romaizah Abd Kadir
can we get the softcopy of the report?
Hoffner, Laurel
Yes, here is the report: https://asean.org/?static_post=regional-study-green-jobs-policy-readiness-asean
Khun Rakawin Leechanavanichpan
If you have any question to Dr Samantha please put in the chat and we will ask your question at the end.
Romaizah Abd Kadir
is there any training to create awareness, interest and action towards green jobs to SME or cooperative sectors in Malaysia?
Rakawin, ILO
Please feel free to put your question in the Q&A or chat. Thanks.
Rakawin, ILO
Mohd Abdul Hamid Bin Hashim
Green jobs creation looked still base to carbon based medium such as in transportation industries is depending carbon based vehicles, agricultures used benzine, in fisheries activities, boat still used carbon based boats engines. It still contribute to lot of CO2 emission So, how green jobs could contributed to good environments.,.,.
Mohd Abdul Hamid Bin Hashim
Thank you Dr Samantha, agree with you and, need lot of transitions...